Experienced Levels Coming Soon

Next Version of Stock Market Gamification App is Coming Soon.

It will complete the Experienced Level and mainly Covers :

  • How to do a basic evaluation of a Business
  • Institutional Money Managers and challenges they face
  • What it is to be an Individual Investor
  • Basic Investment Guidelines for Individual Investor
  • Efficient Market Theory (EMT)
    • Opinion about EMT in Academia & Real World
    • Fallacy of EMT
    • EMT to Behavioral Economics
  • Value Investing
    • Introduction to Value Investing
    • Concept of Mr. Market
    • Basic Tenets of Value Investing
    • Attributes of a Value Investor
    • How Value Investing behaves in
      • A Bull Market
      • A Bear Market
  • Concept of Moat
    • Things that constitutes Moat
    • Role of Moat in evaluating a Business
    • Dangers to the Moat
  • Health Check of a business through important numbers
  • Concepts of “Intrinsic Value” & “Margin of Safety”
  • Importance of the Management for a Business.

Overall this level will take you from Knowledge to Basic Strategy.


Step towards financial literacy

“To get the right answer, you have to ask the right question”

Have you ever wondered about some of the following questions?

  • What makes you comfortable giving your hard earned money to any stranger in a hope of amazing returns?
  • Who convinced you about the fact you don’t need any finance education and you cannot do it yourself?
  •  Why you are always afraid of financial jargon even though they are just simple terms garbed under the veil of sophistication?
  • Why many sensible persons and most of them successful in their respective professions are paralyzed by ‘Fear’ when it comes to finance and investing?

There might be more questions that you can ask to yourself and wonder why you have never tried to find answers to some of these basic questions.

One possible explanation could be that to be a successful investor of any kind requires actual work and since work is necessarily involved, many people will try to avoid it, since that is human nature.

One very valid reason to avoid learning is that we’ve got limited time and in that time we have several things to do like spending time with our loved ones and jobs that already take more time than we have.

So what makes it important to educate and train yourself in matters of finance and investing?

While trusting others with your money can be a viable option given that you have the ability to find and evaluate skilled people on whom you can rely.
Learning about Finance and investing is that ability that gives us power to evaluate various options and choose the one that we deemed more fruitful.

It is actually a mindset that we can employ to every aspect of our life and not just to the matters related to money.

“Investing is simple, but not easy.”
Warren Buffett

It is indeed simple but not easy and it’s not about any ‘secret’ formula but about encouraging people to understand the right mindset while it comes to investing.

As the saying goes,

“In the long run, if you want the best financial advisor in the world, you need to look in the mirror.”

So let’s begin our journey towards financial literacy.